duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

Maybe this is a goodbye...

It's been a long time...Maybe I'll say goodbye.

Dor. Nu stiu de ce. De ce? De ce dor? Si de ce acum?

Blogul asta nu ar fi trebuit sa existe. Ce caut aici? Ma pierd din nou. Dureaza ceva pana sa ma gasesc...in general.

Scuze. Nu am niciun drept sa stiu daca esti bine. Trist.Blogul asta este tot ce a mai ramas...

miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

I used to...

Obisnuiam sa te numesc dupa un om pe care il cunosc. Imi placea sa te numesc asa pentru ca ma simteam in siguranta. Da! Cum auzi! Numele tau mi-a oferit siguranta intotdeauna. Stiam ca iti pot spune orice...Stiam? Oare?!
Obisnuiam sa te numesc dupa un om pe care il cunosc...sau cel putin asta am crezut. Acum, cand ma uit inapoi la tot ce a fost, ma intreb daca intr-adevar te-am cunoscut, daca intr-adevar numele tau imi oferea siguranta...Poate ca, in final, ceea ce ma facea sa ma simt protejata erau o simpla iluzie, aparente...Probabil ca undeva eram constienta, realizam ca ceea ce se cladeste atat de repede si simplu era o dorinta...aceea de a vedea o anume persoana in tine...persoana care defapt nu exista si care nu a existat vreodata... Am cautat idealul. Am cautat perfectiunea...dar hey!Perfectiunea nu exista. Cuvantul in sine este ceva care tinde spre exagerare si spre neimplinit.
Obisnuiam sa te numesc dupa un om pe care il cunosc, cand tu defapt erai un strain. Am cautat sa schimb ceva, dar tot ce am reusit sa fac a fost sa stau pe loc si din cand in cand sa mai intorc capul si sa ma uit in trecut. Am cautat sa privesc viitorul dar tot ce am avut in fata ochilor a fost negru de nepatruns. Am cautat sa nu te vad ca pe un strain, desi asta ai fost in tot acest timp...
Iti marturisesc! Esti prima persoana pe care chiar o compatimesc...
Obisnuiam sa te numesc dupa un om pe care il cunosc, straine...

sâmbătă, 25 decembrie 2010


Unde esti? Te simt din ce in ce mai departe...Nu ma striga acum! Incerc sa imi dau seama daca intr-adevar existi...Nu te-am vazut niciodata.Vreau sa te vad. Stai! Vreau? Nici eu nu stiu...sau...
Zambeste!Imi place cand zambesti! Stai! Eu nu te-am vazut...zambesti? Acum? Dar acum?...
Ma auzi? Eu iti aud respiratia. De ce taci? Pana acum ai vorbit. Hey! Stiai ca vorbele tale dor? Si rasul tau doare...Opreste-te! Nu mai vreau sa razi! Doare...
Agonie? Poate, dar niciodata din vina ta. Inca nu stiu daca existi...Existi? Hey! Mai spune ceva...da-mi un semn sau...sau...sau mai bine nu...

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

Now I understand...

I'm afraid of myself...

joi, 11 noiembrie 2010


Nu am mai postat de mult timp...

Sunt obosita si mi-e frig...

Am nevoie de o perna si de nimic mai mult.

duminică, 26 septembrie 2010

99 things...

1.Hachiko doesn’t like this game at all but she can’t do anything to stop Senko’s evilness
2.Hachiko is thinking what to say about her
3.Hachiko’s real name is Teodora
4.She is 16 but she won’t be a teenager forever and she knows that.
5.She gets sad when people around her are sad
6.She loves to laugh
7.She was nicknamed Hachiko by her best friend Nana
8.She has another best friend called Lucille
9.She has a younger personality called Xim whom is very childish
10.Her sister is Senko-chan.

11.Hachiko is very proud of her highschool George Cosbuc
12.Hachiko loves the 4th floor of Unirea shopping Center
13.Hachiko loves to play her guitar
14.Hachiko loves her room full of band posters
15.Hachiko loves her socks
16.And her skate shoes
17.Hachi means 8 in Japanese
18.Hachi’s favourite number is 5
19.Her birthday is on the 5th of February
20.She loves dogs

21.Hachiko loves to collect ribbons
22.Hachiko loves to combine pink and black
23.Hachiko loves strawberries and roses
24.She is in love with her teddy bear[though this is a secret]
25.Hachi doesn’t have a boyfriend like Senko’s.
26.Hachi doesn’t have a boyfriend at all…
27.Hachi is anime addicted
28.Hachi is manga addicted
29.Hachi wants to marry a bishounen
30.She likes going to concerts

31.Hachiko is lively and friendly
32.She can get sad very easy
33.She loves her friends a lot
34.She likes to stay with Claudia in her breaks
35.She goes to school by bus
36.She has fights with Aiko and then goes and hugs her
37.She loves Kinder chocolate
38.She considers herself as” Cola Addicted”
39.She is a damn proud Aquarius
40.She knows that Cancers won’t rule the world even though they really are aiming for that[mwhahahaha]

41.She hates Facebook
42.She knows that Facebook is better than Hi5 but she still hates it.
43.She sings in a choir
44.Once she recorded 2 songs
45.She hates it that Senko didn't kiss her boyfriend yet
46.Hachiko loves to cosplay Japanese high school girls with neko ears and tail
47.She wants to go to Nijikon and Otaku everyday
48.Hachi likes the word “manz” and finds it very funny
49.Her favourite activity is to sleep
50.Hachi has a secret romance with Sasori[but only her sister and her personality know that]

51.She doesn’t write every day on BlogSpot like Xim
53.Loves her music teacher
54.She loves friendship bracelets and handmade stuff
55.She is a huge fan of Jack from Nightmare before Christmas
56.Hachi loves rock music
57.She has brown or green eyes[she doesn’t know either]
58.She would like to dye her hair red
59.She likes her new schoolbag
60.She doesn’t like to smoke even if…

61.She hates it when people[especially men] call her ”pisi” on the street
62.She loves romance novels even though she doesn’t believe in “true love”
63.She thinks that hot guys are divided in 3 categories: 1.the ones who have a girlfriend, 2. The ones that appear in Manga and 3. The ones that are gay
64.She likes to change the color of her nails very often
65.She finds bugs disgusting creatures[and she's afraid of spiders]
66.She could talk about Anime and Manga for hours with Senko
67.She likes to talk on the phone on her way back home
68.She is very stubborn
69.She hates it when her parents tell her what to do
70.She has her own way of thinking [and believe me it’s like a complicated maze]

71.She likes better Metrorex than RATB
72.She went to a RBD concert with Senko in the 6th grade
73.She likes her perfume
74.Hachi loves to tell jokes
75.She enjoys any kind of movie [though she watched Horror Movies with the pillow on her face]
76.She wants to know Japanese fluently
77.She simply loves English from the bottom of her heart
78.Hachi thinks that once she was a cat
79.Hachi is a popular name for dogs in Japan
80.But Hachi loves “Hachi”

81.Hachi wants to become a journalist
82.She wants to visit Japan
83.Hachiko hates “manele” and that’s all
84.Hachiko wants to finish this list for once
85.Hachiko can be funny sometimes
86.Hachiko corrupted Nana to watch anime
87.Hachiko corrupted Xim to listen to rock music
88.Hachiko misses her communication teacher Garry
89.Hachi is going nuts if this continues any longer

91.Hachiko hates liars
92.Hachiko loves Jashin-sama
93.She likes to write novels
94.She would write a new chapter and then call everybody and read it to them
95.Hachiko loves Caramello Frappe from Springtime
96.Hachi doesn’t have any idea how to finish this
97.Hachi hates the name "Jimmy"
98.Hachi says buh-bye and goes to sleep

[You should start writing 99 things about you Lucille, Aiko, Mandy and Caroline]